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Dr. Laklieshia Izzard Ed.D, LPC, NCC, ACS


Dr. Izzard is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensed in Georgia and New Jersey. Dr. Izzard is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors as an NCC ("National Certified Counselor") by Center of Credentialing Education as an ("Approved Clinical Supervisor") by Tri-Care Military Insurance as a ("Tri-Care Mental Health Counselor") Dr. Izzard is also Certified by Georgia Professional Standards as a (School Counselor) Dr. Izzard has over a decade of counseling in community mental health and private practice experience.


Dr. Izzard is a global practitioner as she has served clients in the United Kingdom, Pacific Islands, Jamaica, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, and more. Dr. Izzard has extensive experience working with African American Males in active Military service, as US Veterans, and within the Georgia medical prison system. Dr. Izzard utilizes her faith based, evidence based, clinical counseling expertise, multicultural competence, counselor education knowledge, and technology approach to create a unique serving environment for clients and professionals.

Professional History

To add to Dr. Izzard’s private practice, training management, and supervision experience. Dr. Izzard is also trained in multiple evidence based therapies and culturally competent practices. To name a few Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Informed Therapy, Existential Therapy, Reality Therapy, Seeking Safety, Strength Based, Mental Health Corrections and more. Dr. Izzard has experience in diverse population mental health agencies, fast paced, and high-technology outpatient treatment programs. These environments included hospitals, state agencies, residential settings, corrections, and in home services.  Dr. Izzard has experience in all levels of education; early childhood, primary, and secondary school settings. Dr. Izzard has been employed in the middle school setting as a special education teacher. Dr. Izzard has held faculty positions at all levels of higher education from Technical, Undergraduate, Graduate, to Doctorate at multiple hybrid Colleges and Universities in Counseling and Psychology. 


Dr. Izzard is a founding member and has served as President for The American Counseling Association of Georgia in 2019-2020. Dr. Izzard’s Presidential term was one of history making as she strategically led ACA of Georgia in its first full year of Professional Development, Advocacy, Leadership Development, Service Projects, Counselor Support Groups, and over twenty-five Community Stakeholder Collaborations. During Dr. Izzard’s term she served on the American Counseling Association’s Historic Licensure Interstate Compact Advisory Board in Collaboration with the National Council for Interstate Compacts; the Council of State Governments. Dr. Izzard continues to serve on the Compact Board and is the only African American female Doctorate level Licensed Counselor and Counselor Leader member. Dr. Izzard also served on the Georgia Mental Health Policy Partnership in collaboration with NAMI Georgia, Mental Health America of Georgia, and many more Mental Health Advocacy Organizations. Dr. Izzard’s term ended strong leading the first Multicultural Symposium focused exclusively on African American Male Wellness in May of 2020. Dr. Izzard received the American Counseling Association Southern Region Chair’s Award in April 2021 for her Leadership and Advocacy during her term. Dr. Izzard serves as a mentor for the American Counseling Association’s first national 2021 mentoring program (ACAMP) for new counseling professionals.  Dr. Izzard serves as a mentor for the American Psychological Association and National Board of Certified Counselor’s first collaborative Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship 2021 Mentoring Program (IMFP) for graduate counseling students of color.

Dr. Izzard serves on the Board of Directors and is a founding member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Georgia). Dr. Izzard coordinated and moderated the first virtual Courageous Conversations amid COVID speaker series focused on BIPOC communities and Mental Health collaborating with more than thirty Georgia Community Stakeholders in 2021. Dr. Izzard led and hosted NAMI Georgia's first ever African American Male Mental Health Symposium focused on Mental Health Restoration, Racial Equity, and Social Justice in June of 2021. Dr. Izzard received NAMI Georgia’s President  Award in May 2021 for her Innovative leadership as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion founding member. Dr. Izzard developed NAMI Georgia and ACA of Georgia's first collaborative Counselor Support Group in April 2020 just as the COVID pandemic began. Dr. Izzard has continued to spearhead this historic and much needed group as a NAMI Georgia signature program. Dr. Izzard received NAMI Georgia's 2021 Outstanding Leader Award at their state conference in October 2021 for her exemplary and innovative program leadership. Dr. Izzard serves as an Advocacy leader for NAMI GA in Rockdale and Newton Counties. Dr. Izzard was appointed by the Newton County Board of Commissioners to serve on the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health Advisory Council as the first and only Newton County Doctorate level Licensed Counselor member.


Dr. Izzard is a native of Greensboro North Carolina and attended several schools within the Guilford County School System. Dr. Izzard spent a portion of her adolescent childhood in Georgia attending Miller Grove Junior High and Columbia High School in Decatur Georgia. Dr. Izzard resides in Central East Georgia. Dr. Izzard has a Doctorate of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision from Argosy University Sarasota, Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from the largest HBCU in the nation North Carolina  Agriculture & Technical State University and a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from another great HBCU Fayetteville State University.  Dr. Izzard’s Dissertation, The Influence of Narcotics Anonymous on Long-term Recovery, Family Relationships, and Career Development a Qualitative Study is published in Proquest Database.